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Vedic astrologyis also known as Jyotish, the science of light. This timeless truth has been handed down throughout the ages, and being a sacred tool, can help us align more fully with our indwelling spiritual consciousness.

The natal horoscope, or Rashi chart, shows us that unique moment in eternity when we are born into this world. At that exact time, our human system with its vast energetic systems, streaming throughout the physical body, and the mental (astral) spheres,  is imprinted with certain frequencies from the planets that encode patterns that will manifest in different expressions throughout our lives. 

These cosmic encoded patterns are our past life karmas. They don't control our destiny necessarily, but reflect our karma back to us, as a wake up call to free ourselves, by helping to guide us on our journey toward self-realization. Isabel Hickey, a well known astrologer, once said, “All anyone can see in a birth chart are tendencies that will become facts if one does not do something to alter them.”

                                     A GIFT FROM THE PLANETS

Vedic astrology is a system given to humankind to release us from the laws of karma. Through a variety of charts, the Vedic astrologer can perceive several layers of karma of the individual caused by fate and free will. Our free will can thus be guided by taking guidance from the energies and teachings of the great transmitters and reflectors of light in our solar system, the Sun, Moon, and planets.

                                     DIVINE MIRRORS

This system of astrology, not only mirrors  our life back to us, with its multifarious twists and turns, but also offers remedial karmic methods in the forms of sound healing, astrological gemstones, specific yantras, pujas for purification, so that unfavorable karmas from past deeds can be neutralized. 

These practices, carefully prescribed by the Vedic astrologer after studying various charts, also attune us to perceive and interact with the light of subtle spiritual energies that will protect us from inharmonious vibrations in this world.
David Waterman (Garga Risi) completed his Level I studies at the American College of Vedic Astrology, under the teaching of David Frawley, Komilla Sutton, Edith Hathaway and Juliana Swanson, Currently he is studying advanced techniques of  Neo-Vedic Astrology.

He has taught at numerous workshops and seminars, at such events as the LEAF festival, Asheville Kundalini annual retreats. He serves on the teaching faculty of the Prama Institute and Clinic in Western North Carolina. Recently he began collaborating with the Prama Health Clinic on workships blending Ayurvedic principles of health with Vedic astrology.   

In the 1970s, David  was given the name Garga Risi, the name of a renowned Indian Vedic astrologer. He learned how to perform fire ceremonies (yagnas), a sacred and ancient practice to invoke grace upon all living beings  through mantras (divine prayers) and yantras (symbols to invoke the blessings of higher beings)    

During these years, which he fondly calls, “ my Hindu monk years”,  David regularly read the texts of India--a time of deep reflection in the eastern approach to the multi-dimensions of the planets--concepts that helped him later in his practice. 

“David shared a most intriguing and thoughtful astrological reading with me. It was quite different from other astrological information I had received in the past, and felt more like being afforded a multi-dimensional understanding of my being. He brought great kindness and compassion to his readings." 

Lynn Roberts
Principal, Globotext

“Dave Waterman’s Vedic Astrology sessions are infused with scholarship, intuitive wisdom and life experience,and in just the right balance to achieve valuable insights into issues of health, relationships, and career. Here at the Prama Wellness Center we have offered his services to our clients to explore the deeper issues of health and wellbeing with great results."

Ramesh Bjonnes, Director Prama Wellness Center, Marshall, NC  

"My husband and I decided that we wanted to make our marriage very sacred. We contacted David and asked for a Vedic Astrology reading to select an auspicious date.David graciously offered us one for a public ceremony  and a second date for a private ceremony. Both ceremonies were magical and unfolded beautifully. If you are looking for support with life transitions or guidance on upcoming major events, I suggest that you contact David. "

Deborah Barnett
Ph.D. Clinical psychologist
"David gave me an amazing reading, which added incredible insight into my current life situations.  It also gave me some reassurance about the path I am taking and some patience to allow the natural course of things.  He  is knowledgeable and approachable."

Jacquelyn Dobrinska, 
Owner of Tula: Simple strategies for a more vibrant life.