Muhurta (Auspicious Date Selection)

This consultation helps you to choose the right time for the right event, allowing you to overcome obstacles and encounter minimal obstructions to achieve your desired results. You can get Muhurta done for any important event of your life. I will consult your chart and the dasas and transits to come to a conclusion.

Usually I will give you several choices after consulting you about the preferred time. Getting a good start is important to initiate successful action in all areas of life such as, engagements, announcements, weddings, businesses, incorporations, court dates, travel, health procedures, and others.

This process involves analysis of your birth and progressed horoscopes along with the application of classic elective astrology techniques.

Choosing an astrologically favorable moment can alleviate future difficulties and enhance the success and well being of all concerned.

Use this service to choose the best time and date to initiate any new and important endeavor, including important religious rituals, ceremonies, commencing travel, having a surgical or medical procedure, signing a lease or contract, buying real estate or personal property, moving into a new home, conceiving a child, and beginning litigation.

Muhurta session cost:  $85.00
(Synastry) Relationship Compatibility

This session focuses on relationship dynamics, seeing how two charts are compatible, whether you are in an existing relationship or a new one.

One of the more important factors I look at between two charts is the placement of the couples Moon.   The brilliant Moon is the significator of the mind, being one of the most important planets (actually a luminary)  to study. The Moon plays an important part in our hidden emotions, happiness and desires  in the world.

I study the cornerstone influences and how they compare to one another in the charts. The cornerstones are the ascendant, Moon, Sun, and Venus. I also see how these  planets and others in the two charts fall into categories named associates, opposites, active supporters, secret supporters, contrasts, active adversaries, and secret adversaries.

Another important consideration in relationship analysis is the Nakshatras and the Navamsa chart. The  Nakshatras play an integral part in determining compatibility, providing deep insight about an individual's personality, nature, and disposition of consciousness based on these Moon signs. 

The Navamsa Chart is the 9th divisional chart used to view the spouse, and I use it to look at overall karmic marriage compatibility. One technique compares the Navamsa to the natal chart of the other person and vice versa, and comparing the two Navamsas to each other.

I  examine the Dasas and Bhuktis (Time Periods) for each individual, as they should be in harmony. Ideally, they should be friendly to the other.

I also use to some degree the Kuta system. Although Kuta has been used in India since  ages past up to modern times, many people and astrologers in the West view it as somewhat archaic in its compatibility system based on a point system. I do, however,  incorporate some of its essentials to help me in a reading, especially in the area of comparing the important love and relationship planets Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon. Basically the Kuta system is comprised of eight levels of comparing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual  attractions between two individuals.

Compatibility Session cost: $265.00 (Because of the complexity of a compatibility chart, consultation time can extend up to 3 hours at no extra cost)
Rashi (Personal Birth Chart)

This session provides a thorough assessment of the birth chart , mainly from eastern (Vedic) astrology. I use the eastern sidereal technique of calculations to map out a Vedic chart. I also use the outer planets of Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune, not as strong influences in the realms of the houses and signs, but mainly to look at the strengths of earth, fire, water and air within  a chart. 

This session will provide an overview of the most important karmic patterns in your chart at your time of birth,  regarding right livelihood, relationships, finances, personal strengths, as well as areas that may be problematic.

Past, present, and future trends that are revealed in your chart will also be discussed. My method is not based on making predictions, but humanistic, focusing on uncovering choices by analyzing the energetic placement of planets, thereby enriching the client's self-determination.

This comprehensive natal chart provides a detailed portrait of your personality, including your talents, strengths and weaknesses. By gaining a deeper understanding of how you function, you can achieve the wisdom to maximize opportunities for material and spiritual growth, and simultaneously minimize certain karmic sufferings.  

Your birth chart reading will include:

1. A natal reading from three “angles”or charts: the ascendant (called the lagna), the Moon and the Sun. These three readings are studied individually and then “combined” to see planetary patterns.
2. An explanation of your birth Mahadasha (time period which you were born into, overseen by a one of the planets) and your current Mahadasha.
3. And in-depth look at your birth sub-time periods called Bhuktis, and your current Bhuktis.
4. An explanation of your D9 chart (ninth harmonic) also called the Navamsha chart, to further refine natal chart explanations.
5. An in-depth look at  the strong influences from past lives by analyzing certain houses.
6. The influence of the Nakshatras, often called the Mansions of the Moon.
7. An explanation of the elements (earth, fire, water, and air) in your chart, the planets that rule each element, and the importance of balancing these elements for a healthy physical, emotional  and spiritual life.
8. Remedial methods that include chanting of  mantras, and the use of yantras, gemstones and elixirs.  
9. An explanation of  the deep spiritual meaning of Saturn and the Saturn return in your life.
1 hour 45 min. reading (this may extend to 2 hours), either in person or by phone, plus a recording on either a CD, Mp3, or direct download after a phone reading. This includes my preliminary 2 hour study of your chart. 

Rashi session cost:  $120.00
Progression (Yearly Forecast and Update)

In this session, through assessment of the astrological chart focused on the year ahead, or time indicated by the client, I will discuss in depth the transits (Gochara) in quarterly and biannual (6 months) periods, including an interpretation of the current movement of the planets in relationship to your natal chart positions, and the current MahaDasha and Bhukti time period influences.

This session will help you monitor the outlook for the year ahead to learn about your potentials in different areas of life. Along with the current major planetary cycle and its sub periods analyzed, the operative transits and yearly (Varshaphal) chart are integrated into the analysis.

I will also analyze the cycles and transits for the coming six or twelve months depending on the specific request. I will examine this period in great detail with regards to all aspects of one's life, month by month. My regular clients typically get a progression chart each year or every six months to assist them in analyzing upcoming trends and the strengths and weaknesses s of any given area of endeavor.

Progression session cost:  $75.00