"David has the gift of intuitively knowing where to go during a reading. By tuning into my subtle energies, he guided  me through some familiar doors, and also some new doors of my mind, heart, and even soul. Throughout our time together, he helped me reflect on how the planets, houses, and signs of my chart, were not only "outside" of me but also ancient cosmic friends and energies residing inside my deepest being, always willing to help guide me in a variety of ways.I appreciate his warmth, and how his old soul's compassion and concern for my well being always shined forth.

                                                                                                                                 Sam Holt
David opened up my eyes to my life's purpose. His astrological reading reached me on a deeper level. The accuracy of his predictions coincided with the event's happening in my life."                                                                                                                              Brian N.
"David Waterman knows well this ancient Vedic tradition of stars and planets, and how they align (or don't).  But even better, he is quite capable of translating his expertise into lucid terms we understand. We come away from a chart reading with new locations to constellate, and refresh, our lives."
“I was really touched by my Vedic reading from Rishi. I felt as if he was really connected to me throughout the process. I still contemplate much of he information I received and it has enriched my life. He even continued working with me on some of the themes by email after the session.This was an awesome experience!”
“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Risi’s gift of interpreting Vedic charts for the benefit of deeper self knowledge.  As Risi helped me see the potential inherent in each aspect of my chart I came to recognize my journey, both where I have been and where I am headed, in terms of Divine love and compassion.  It was a joy to work with Risi and I highly recommend his work to others.”
                                                                                                                                                                                    Gary Miller
I have attended Risi's workshops on Vedic Astrology in the past and find him to have a broad knowledge and the capacity of expressing this complex subject in a way people can understand. He communicates very well, interacting with the people in his class to make sure they comprehend the particulars he is teaching.  He is very personable and is able to tailor the depth of his lessons to the students. I also admire Risi for the evolved soul that he is.

I have studied Jyotish astrology in depth myself and am still able to dig into Risi's repertoire of knowledge to find golden nuggets he gets that help me on my way. In addition, I have sent clients to him for readings and they express gratitude for the work he has done for them. I highly recommend Risi both as an astrologer and a skilled practitioner.
                                                                                                                                                                              Ronesa Roswood
I stumbled upon Vedic astrology, or maybe it stumbled upon me. It has been my first real delve into astrology of any kind. Getting my chart done has been deeply insightful to self, spirit and the journey I believe we are all taking. I found the knowledge gained from working with David to be profound and a pure joy to receive a map of my personality and life. it has been a wonderful tool for self exploration.
Sitting with David was a real pleasure, the exchange was easy and comfortable. Good good energy. The information was conveyed in a way which expressed his depth of knowledge and understanding and also made it comprehensible to my beginner mind which is still wrapping it self around the vastness of vedic astrology. A really good experience and so pertinent to my path of healing and discovering self!

                                                                                                                                                                          Morganna Stanworth
I really appreciated David Waterman's approach to Vedic Astrology. I have had my chart done several times before, but he has a special intuitive gift that is beyond just book knowledge. I like the way he speaks very humbly about the planets with a great respect for their majestic powers. HIs insight with my Dashas periods and how they have affected me, and how they are entering into my life at certain points has greatly helped me in many ways. He is an excellant and empowerd soul.
                                                                                                                                                                                              P. Patel
My first Vedic Astrology reading was powerful and I was inspired because so much of it confirmed what I knew but was in denial over. Yes, even I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It gave me more confidence and resolve to continue bringing my gifts out in an even bigger way.  Most of all David Waterman is compassionate, candid and intuitive. He has a natural ability to make you feel at home and he is available for questions after. David walks the path of service and his life experience brings great wisdom to the reading.
Thank you so much David for being such a cosmic guide through some very difficult times!  One of the any important things you have taught me is not too be so scared of certain planetary influences in my chart. During our sessions, you also explain that our karma can be changed in many ways, and the planets are there to help us.....that alone is worth a reading with you!

                                                                                                                                                                                      T. S. Los Angeles
Risi's Vedic Astrology readings are fun and relaxed as though I'm sitting down with a good friend and enjoying a great cup of tea.  He takes the time to make sure all of my questions are answered and that I've fully understood the information he's given.  I always look forward to receiving a reading from Risi.
                                                                                                                                                                              Namjeev Khalsa
Professional Psychic Medium - As seen on Lifetime's "American Psychic Challenge
Katherine Soniat
Teacher, Poet
"A reading with David Waterman is a reading with a very concerned friend, who in my opinion, is not only an excellent Vedic astrologer, but a healer who is not afraid of recommending other systems of rejuvenation that compliment his findings."                                    Steve F.
Brad Rachman, DC
                                   Medical Director, Rachman Clinic
Karyn Armstrong
Artist, Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher, Event Host-Organizer