Don't be too worried if your Sun sign has changed from a western astrological calculation! It happened to me also! In Western astrology, my Sun is in Gemini, but in Vedic astrology, it sits in Taurus. From Twins to a Bull—It made sense as I had been baffled in the past as to why I didn't quite fit the Gemini profile.

In  Vedic Astrology the birth chart is calculated first and foremost from the rising sign, called the Lagna. In a sense, everything about you and your karma is "filtered" through your rising sign, which is also your ascendant, the constellation overheard at the time of your birth. The second most influential planet (actually a luminary) is the Moon, and Vedic astrollogy is Moon based. The Sun is often considered the 3rd most influential energy, and the sign it occupies it often indicative of where and hdow you will manifest many aspects of this lifetime. 

Here in the West, we are mainly Sun or Yang (masculine) driven. In India, most people won't ask, “What is your sign,” referring to the Sun sign,  but will ask, “What is your lagna?” referring to your rising or ascendant sign, knowing that this is probably the most significant feature of your chart, the part of the chart that best reflects the deeper side, the real You.  Next time you are engaged in a astrological conversation, pull that question out--"So, what is your Lagna?" and see the reaction! 

I invite everyone interested in astrology to investigate both eastern and western systems, and compare them. Feel comfortable with one or both approaches. Find out what resonates with you. That is the most important thing.....and have fun! Remember, the stars and planets are our friends. Their energies are an intrinsic part of our lives, and can help guide us towards our goals in life.

Aries      April 14th  --May 14th
Taurus   May 15th—June 14th
Gemini  June 15th—July 16
Cancer   July 17th—August 16th
Leo        August 17th—September 16th
Virgo     September 17th—October 16th
Libra     October  17th—November 15th
Scorpip  November  16th –December 15th
Sagittarius December 16th—January 14th
Capricorn  January  15th—February 13th
Aquarius  February 14th—March 14th
Pisces    March  15th-April 13th